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Every time you walk into a business and swipe your card, that business pays a fee to its processor?

In fact, most are significantly overcharged. Sekure leverages its expertise to negotiate better rates for thousands of businesses every month—and we do it at NO COST to the business.

Whether you know someone who owns a business, or perhaps you want to start referring local businesses in your area, we can turn your referrals into steady income.

Sekure Merchants has been lending it’s payment processing expertise to thousands of businesses every month for the past 10 years.

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No Selling Required

No Selling

Our service comes at NO COST to business owners, and therefore, requires NO SELLING on your part. You get paid for providing a free service to business owners that will help them reduce their monthly costs—it’s a win-win scenario!

Make Your Own Hours

Make Your Own Hours

You can refer friends, family members or any business owners in your network of contacts. Additionally, take the opportunity to talk about our service each time you visit a local business!

Unlimited Income Potential

Unlimited Income Potential

There's no limit to the amount of businesses you can refer, and therefore, the amount of commission you can make. A single referral can earn you $500 or more. Send us one referral a month or one a day—how much you cash in is really up to you!


Partner with one of the most trusted names in the industry, and have confidence in knowing that you are bringing great value to the businesses you refer.

Earn multiple commissions for each referral

Our free, no-obligation statement analysis shows business owners where they are being overcharged by their current payment processor. By providing the statement to our analysts, you will earn your first commission!

Once a statement has been submitted, just sit back and let us work our magic. Our team of professionals will follow up with business owners to review the analysis and present them with more affordable options from other processors. If they choose to move forward with the new processor’s offer, you will earn a SECOND COMMISSION for that same referral!


Easy to sign up and start getting paid

All you need to do to get started is speak to our Partner Support team to get registered. They will provide you all the tools you need to succeed.

  • Access to the online portal to submit and track your referrals
  • Sample statement analysis to show the business owner
  • Talking points to help you approach your local businesses
  • Answers to FAQ by business owners
  • Tips and tricks for success
  • Ongoing support to ensure your success
Easy to sign up and start getting paid

We pay commissions weekly by direct deposit, PayPal and other payment methods so that you can receive your money quickly and efficiently. We also offer added bonuses and incentives on a monthly basis to keep you motivated and reward you for your dedicated work.

Simplified Referral Program

Simplified Referral Program

Other programs require you to get merchants to sign on to a new agreement with a new processor in order to get paid. This means you need to be knowledgeable about the payments industry, understand the business’s equipment needs, and stay up-to-date on complex processing rates and fees.

We created the SIMPLIFIED Referral Program so that anyone can participate and earn commission by simply getting the word out to their local businesses. Our team of professionals will do all the heavy lifting! We will ensure merchants get the best rates available, the correct equipment set up, and the most exceptional ongoing service for their business.


“I have worked for Sekure Merchant Services for a few weeks now.

I must say, I have submitted statements and received quick professional results and payments accordingly. After many years in the business I am impressed and happy to be on board.”

- Stuart F. -

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